A Creative and cutting edge brand, to date we have appointed distributors in Germany, France, Austria and South Africa and global is where we’re headed.

Beach Religion is a new concept in footwear and in the very short time since our launch we have had an exceptional response in all countries with regards to the concept, brand and product at retail level.

Beach Religion is an emerging leisure footwear brand that is challenging traditional channels of footwear design and manufacture. Its pay-off line states ‘For the People, by the People’ as they manufacture designs that are submitted through an open international online design portal to which anyone can submit, and vote for, their favored designs.

Believing in the power of community, they have chosen to take design to the people and to involve them in crucial decision making processes and then to make their choices happen. Armed with many years of experience in this ever shifting market, Beach Religion is turning fashion trend predictions on their heads, allowing the market to dictate their design preferences.


Beach Religion is the collaboration between two established footwear experts, South African Michael Cloete and Swiss Thorsten Eissrich. Together they have developed an open online platform that invites creativity, challenges process and opens up freedom whereby the market ultimately gets to have the say in what becomes available commercially.

The invitation is to everyone and anyone to go online, download the design template and submit their own unique creation (and they encourage you to push the boundaries). Once submitted, designs are online for all to see and through an integrated social media strategy, encourage industries and the general market to vote for the best designs.

The winning designs are put into production to create the seasonal range that gets manufactured and distributed both locally and internationally. Manufactured according to the highest international footwear and material specifications and standards, Beach Religion shoes are foot friendly and designed for both men and women for comfortable, design conscious living both on and off the beach.

Where beach lifestyle is a religion, consumers are totally passionate and proud of the brands that they choose. Beach Religion embraces this culture of commitment and celebrates the creativity that drives it.